Al's 38 Olds Build

How it all started




The Chassis



Putting it all together











Now to the body shop.

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Body Shop Progress Check #2







You can see the lines of this car coming into shape.

Starting to Look at Paint - A Good Sign

New Year & New Update

January 10,2009






January 24th Visit










February 7 Visit






February 28 Visit





March 28 Visit





April 15 Visit











April 24th Visit




May 1st Visit




May 11th Visit



May 18th Visit







June 5 Visit

Painting Starts




Note that the original paint sample is close to the final color.


June 12 Visit




June 22 Visit




The Magic Car

Much Easier with PhotoShop to put a car together.

This is what the car could look like with some of the parts installed.

Click On the Pic

The Paint is on the car.  Now for the Finish work.

June 30 Visit








July 6 Visit

Buffing Almost Complete - WOW!









July 10 - Painting Finished

P/U Car





Boss !



Magic Car 2 - Painted

August 4

Chrome Goes On




March 2010

A lot of work has gone on in the background with this car.  Wiring and running brake and fuel lines is necessary but doesn't show like the previous updates.  Now the work on the motor is done.  It is about to be fired up.  Here is what the heart of this car looks like.  What a beauty.  A chrome work of art.



Work in the trunk to mount the battery.

It's Alive !


Click on a picture above to see video.

The Olds comes home !!


We go for a ride.


Click on one of the pictures just above this to see and hear the Olds on a drive.


March 21, 2011 Visit

The Interior Goes In