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I have 3 play cars and a couple daily drivers.  Auto Craft has helped me on multiple occasions.  My older Corvette had an intermittent problem that the dealer couldn't find.  The guys at Auto Craft found the problem which was deep under my dash.  They pulled my dash found the defective part and fixed my problem.  When they were finished my problem was gone and everything was put back together with no rattles or squeaks.  I was pleased with this service.

So having had this good experience I had them work on one of my old Camaros.  It was built at a time of fuel shortages and federal mandates which made it very under powered.  Glen and his group found me a great Edelbrock upgrade kit that put the life back in my motor and made my car what it should always have been.  They helped me pick the parts that worked well together and made my old friend fun to drive once again.  They have the experience I trust.

I bring all my vehicles to Auto Craft because they do what they say at a fair price. 

Ray S.   Verified Customer

Omaha, NE


I don't know that much about cars so I need a mechanic that I can trust.  The regular service I have had on my car at Auto Craft has given me the confidence that Glen and his technitions are honest and fair.  I know my car is treated well and kept running reliably when I take it here for service.  I will continue to use Auto Craft for my repair and maintenance needs.

Linda M.   Verified Customer

Omaha, NE